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Product Speciality


In the production process of polyester spinning, organic biodegradable color match is added in a certain proportion to make biodegradable, which can accelerate the degradation of polyester fiber in the landfill (landfill or deep sea) full of anaerobic organisms, and lose its degradation without the effects of washing, dyeing and finishing.

Main Specifications

20D/12F 30D/24F 50D/24F 66D/24F 75D/36F 75D/72F 100D/36F 100D/48F 150D/48F 300D/96F 600D/192F

Product Purpose

Biomedical fields: orthopedic fixation and repair materials, surgical suture surgical clothing, surgical covering cloth, face masks

Textile field: clothing fabric, ingredients, weaving, home textile, household goods, bags

Packaging field: packaging bags, film, tableware

Product Introduction